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getting the right help with branding

How can we work together?

Tackling the subject of branding isn’t easy. So we’ve laid out some steps to help figure it  out, get a sense of what will work for you, and why. Only then can you feel you’re able to choose a supplier to work with and move forward with confidence.

Start with your own brand review, so you can see your "why"

This article will help you understand if you actually need to change your brand and, if so, why you’re doing it.

Doing your own review will help you focus on the outcomes that matter to you. The moment you engage an agency they will start to tell you how to do things. That’s fine, as long as you know where you want to get to. Don’t be the client who complains later that you never really understood what was happening.

Find the right fit in a brand agency

We know who we do our best work for.
We don’t work with giant corporates, they don’t need the kind of help we offer.

There is a limit to what we can do for “owner/manager” businesses of 1-4 people. Their marketing derives mostly from personal branding and there are specialists in that area. It’s not what we do.

We love to work with SMEs of 5-50 people. They are the size of business we can really help.

It’s not just about what size of business you are. It’s also about the approach we take and whether that fits with your view of business.

Understand how the process works

We help people be more persuasive. You can’t fix that just by changing your logo or colour scheme. We approach persuasion by looking at three areas:

Defining your proposition
Creating the right perceptions for your prospects
Building strong positive opinions in your customers

Those are the things that will grow your business size and profitability. Here’s how our services address those three key areas:


If you’re unsure whether you have a strong proposition you could start with our brand psychology report. It will give you a fresh view on how your brand is really making people feel.

If the proposition does need work, then we can revamp it and produce a new set of messaging and content brand guidelines to set the core proposition in new language, making sure it works in harmony with your purpose, values and tone.


The perception stage is about influencing people before they have experienced your product or service. Looking at all the touchpoints a prospect encounters as they learn about you.

From a marketing POV, this is about thinking about your key assets (e.g. your website) and how you drive people to them via campaigns, producing compelling messages for them at every touchpoint.

From a sales POV it’s about aligning brand with your sales process. Does your brand still feel as present in your proposals and pitch decks as it does in your website? The ultimate goal of perception stage work is better conversion of prospects into customers.


The opinion stage is about influencing the memories people create and store about you, once they have experienced your product or service, and encouraging them to become strong advocates of your brand. We call this a customer conversation strategy.

It's ok to be uncertain where to start

Start by listening to your own feeling that someone's world will be better for listening to you.
Let's begin a conversation

We build strong brand perception
then convert it into lasting brand opinion.


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