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Brand psychology report

How does your brand behave; day in, day out?
And how is what you’re saying making people feel?

We believe that knowing the answer to the above questions is the single biggest driver of positive change you could employ in your marketing. If you’ve created brand values, this is how you judge how effectively they are surfacing, in the words, images and videos you use to communicate.


It’s impossible for us to look at our businesses and fully set aside all we know to see them as others do. None of the qualitative metrics of marketing performance (surveys, analytics) can help you get real insight into these questions (people don’t act as they tell you they will). This report is a crucial foundation to doing any of the following:

  • Rebranding
  • Reviewing tactical marketing strategy
  • Reviewing content strategy
  • Developing new messaging or advertising campaigns
  • Optimising conversion

What insight does the report give you?

It examines your brand positioning and messaging from three perspectives, aligned to three audience situations:

People who haven’t discovered you (who need to understand your proposition when they do)
Prospects who have not yet used your product or service (who are only able to perceive you)
Customers who have direct experience of you (who have begun to form an opinion of you)

What might people infer your proposition is, based on the content of your marketing assets?
How psychologically strong does your content make your proposition feel?
What audience would feel that you were “right for them” based on your content?
What values are represented in your content, and how?

How are you illuminating the benefits of your offer, over and above descriptions of the product/service?
What are you making people believe about you, in what you say, and are any biases evident?
What are the assumptions or preconceptions that you are not addressing in what you say?
What are your competitors saying and how do you compare?

How strong a bond of opinion does your brand seem to create with your customers?
How are positive opinions surfaced as social proof for others?
What does your level of bond mean for your marketing priorities?
What areas could you address to adapt that strength of opinion positively?

How the report process works:

It’s a simple three stage process:

  1. We provide you with a questionnaire to gather some foundational info from you
  2. We undertake research work on your website, socials, and key sales docs
  3. We present our findings to your team in a discussion session, with documented evidence and recommendations.

Cost: £600 + VAT

We build strong brand perception
then convert it into lasting brand opinion.


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