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Brand Platform creation

Many brands have brand guidelines that ensure visual consistency – of colour, logo, font, imagery etc. What they don’t do is extend that into consistency of ideas expressed in words, both in their content and tone. This creates a disconnect between the polish of the visuals and the messages contained in web pages, brochures or advertising. Even into video content, in-person networking and other forms of marketing that rely on speech rather than the written word.

Defining a great brand proposition

The heart of good brand messaging is a clear proposition. A concise statement that ties together the problems you solve, who your audience are, and what your USP is. It ensures that the first impression you make is positive, memorable and credible. We begin by creating such a proposition, which can be the foundation all your messaging and content.

Once you have a strong brand proposition, you will have opened the door to more interesting opportunities. But that’s all. The brand must then demonstrate that it can turn those opportunities into firm leads, leads into sales, and sales into repeat customers who become advocates. For that, you will need more than just a strong initial hook.

Equipping you with a suite of messaging tools.

We can tailor our output depending on the specific needs of your marketing strategy. But we find it useful for 99% of businesses to have a documented brand platform, which gives rationale behind the proposition and why it correctly supports the company’s mission and values.

We then demonstrate how other types of messaging can be used to illuminate that core concept. From short-form messaging such as brand straplines and campaign taglines, to longer-form guidance on advertising, presentations, website copywriting and social media content.

This creates a ruleset to ensure everyone who speaks for your business, or writes for your business, has some structure and pointers on how to communicate consistently and reinforce your core brand messages positively.

We build strong brand perception
then convert it into lasting brand opinion.


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