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Marketing campaign concepting

Effective marketing needs clear parameters. We encourage everyone to “think in campaigns” even if you don’t see yourself as that kind of business, with seasonality or specific product launches.

At all times, we should be thinking of our marketing as a specific offer, to a specific audience, about a specific subject, for a specific period of time. Otherwise we risk becoming lazy, repetitive, and drifting off topic. It’s easy to become boring without a framework!

Campaigns with clear concepts are the antidote to this. They get everyone excited, inside and outside your business. They provide fresh impetus, give everyone something new and exciting to talk about it and reframe existing offers in a way that makes them fresh and worthy of attention.

Make an emotional connection

Accompanying fresh ideas with new creative executions, in photography, video, or audio can create new emotional connections between you and your audience, bringing words and ideas to life. It’s where you demonstrate the emotion in your brand and connect with customers at a subliminal level. Get it right and people can feel powerfully drawn to you very quickly.

Humans are visually-driven animals and a lot of our decision-making (especially the impulsive type) is driven by visual excitement. Compelling, engaging images and video are therefore powerful tools in both digital and real-world situations. But only if they have something interesting to say. The world is full of brightly-coloured bland communications.

Constant development of campaign ideas is key to achieving a number of things that most businesses want to do at some point:

  • Launch new products or services
  • Be valued more by existing customers
  • Gain advantage over competitors
  • Or just put your prices up a bit!

Sufu is your campaign ideas factory

We bring psychological power to your campaigns.

Sufu work with clients to find the compelling motivations behind your services. Not just why they make sense, but why people would WANT them, what would trigger a strong emotional response.

That requires understanding psychological biases and how our brains respond to social proof, feelings of scarcity, and confirmation of the things we already believe. Harnessing the power of your audience’s own thought processes will have a powerful effect on their feelings about you.

We build strong brand perception
then convert it into lasting brand opinion.


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