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Founder & Director

Su Hadley

Ask anyone who has worked with Su about their favourite quality of hers and you’ll get the reply: “Organised, fearsomely organised”.

Perhaps surprisingly, the second comment will likely be: “But she’s lovely!”

That is Su’s style, ultra-professional, with the highest of standards, someone who wants everything done right!

But also someone you’ll be glad to have on your team, who thrives while building up the people around her, never at their expense.


Su is a CIM qualified marketing professional. She gained over 20 years’ experience in marketing roles for high-profile businesses such as Randstad, the second largest HR service provider in the world. She has managed recruitment attraction campaigns for clients including GlaxoSmithKline (for the London 2012 Olympics), Virgin Media, Heathrow Airport, Nestle, Morrisons and Ford Motor Co.

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