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Perception Creation

Hello, how lovely to see you, do come in

If you’ve created a strong proposition, you’ve opened the door to a conversation with your audience. But that’s all. When they step through the door, what will they discover and how will they feel about it? In these moments, their perception of you will be shaped.

Illumination, not description

Encountering a brand is no different from meeting a person, or discovering a physical space. You need to assess the situation in your own way and feel comfortable. A little helpful guidance supports you in that task. Too much, or too little, may repel you.

We give brands an essential, fresh and expert perspective on how they may be perceived. It’s very hard to see for yourself whether you’re being a little too eager, a little too reserved or perhaps even confusing your visitor with terminology you understand, but they do not. We can guide you, so you can guide them, with clarity and purpose.

Priority and consistency

For a brand, the larger our footprint, the more we have to do. In modern marketing it is extremely easy to create a plethora of initial touchpoints, less so to keep them all up to scratch!

  • Website
  • Social platforms
  • Creative assets
  • Advertising
  • Presentations and proposal documents

And of course, people… Directors, sales teams, marketers, our agencies and freelancers, influencers, customer advocates… the list of people who speak on behalf of the brand can be very long. Every one of them is creating a touchpoint and influencing perception in some way.

Being aware of which touchpoints have maximum visibility helps us prioritise. Being aware of how each one moves prospects along the sales funnel helps ensure consistency, and avoids any one area becoming a weak link in the process.

We build strong brand perception
then convert it into lasting brand opinion.


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