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Investing in better ad copy reduces advertising spend

If I had a pound for everyone who bemoans the cost of pay-per-click advertising I’d be writing this from my Caribbean villa. Never mind that pound, there is a penny that doesn’t seem to have dropped with a lot of businesses (and maybe even a few agencies) about how to tackle this problem.

With Google, it’s about improving your adverts’ Quality Score (QS). I won’t attempt the long explanation of that, Search Engine Journal do that very well here if you want to understand it fully. The takeaway from that article is this:

It’s not just the advertiser with the deepest pockets who always wins. Ads with lower bids can beat those of higher-paying competitors by having better relevance.

The business case for better advert copywriting

If you think about how much we all spend on media, what is the value of a little wordsmithing of your advert copy to get even a 5% reduction in your annual Google advertising budget? Pretty damn good!

Writing lots of PPC ad variations can be a chore, the ad parameters often make it a really tricky task to get variations that fit and improve your QS. But it’s a challenge we rather enjoy!

So my invitation to clients and agencies alike is, try getting a good PPC ad writer to see what they can do, it’s unlikely to cost you a fortune and it might mean you can make your advertising budget go a lot further.

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